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May 02, 2009




We missed out on Hallo Berlin on our last trip because of an airline delay(s)...and then they are closed on the weekend.

NYC *has* to do something about the bags policies in the buildings. In a walking town like it is - you can't do anything around there without a backpack - then we get to Yankee Stadium and they won't let us bring it in...the "storage locker" is blocks away. So we end up putting the contents in the damn clear plastic bag and then trying to hide the bag itself. Of course, when we got out it had been "found"/stolen. Idiotic.

I signed up for @waffletruck - thanks for the tip.

Casey Tiedens

Bummer! I am here this week, wish you were too!


Rats. Of course, they probably won't give you any time to have fun, will they?

Vacation All Inclusive

NYC sounds like so much fun. I love a walking city, it does make you feel healthier, despite on the downside, you do feel more tired by the end of the day. Grabbing some hot dogs for lunch sounded fantastic.

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