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April 01, 2008



So that copy of Wolfram's A New Kind of Science'was what was keeping the ladies clothes on...


I'd think his one on cellular automata would be even more off-putting!


I don't scour a buddy's house for books to prove quality, though if something on the shelf looks familiar I'll admit to a warm feeling, and I've won even more than a friendship if I find a title in their collection so intriguing that I have to go get it for myself.
But there's also the matter of matching up our odd little offshoots of taste -- does the mate share my fondness for volumes on local history and etymology, or absolutely despise my regrettable taste in old science fiction?
When my own mate and a friend recently thoroughly kicked my ass at Heinlein trivia, I must admit I not only felt validated, but found it the most cheerful threesome I'd enjoyed since the 70s, though the circumstances were quite as different as they possibly could have been.
Literally speaking.

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