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A middle-aged techie who found his way into technical management, but still struggling to maintain a life outside of the corporation. I live in downtown Minneapolis in an old mill converted to lofts, a far reach from days as a would-be hippy growing his own food and livestock on 100 acres in Missouri.

Why lèse majesté? Because the present regime deserves nothing but scorn, disdain, resistance, and removal.

When this domain was created, I was planning on some heavy ranting about the sorry state of the republic on a regular basis. Maybe I'll get there some day. For now I'm too worn down by the eternal election cycle, the never-ending erosion of our civil liberties, the constant accumulation of executive power, to invest much time in addressing the subject explicitly. Guess I'll just fiddle while Rome burns for a while...


theater, aviation. dining, independent film, technology, music, travel, progressive politics